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Coach's Corner
Soccer drills, tips and information to help you organize your practices and games!

Tips and Drills

Click on any of the titles below to access a .pdf file:

  1. General Tips for the Youth Soccer Coach
  2. How to get the most out of your practice time.
  3. Passing/Shooting - Teaching the Instep Kick (U10 & older)
  4. Passing - Inside-of-Foot Passing/Receiving (U8 & older)
  5. Passing -Triangle Passing with 3rd Man Running (U12 & older)
  6. Circle Drills - Passing, Receiving, Heading, etc (U10 & older)
  7. Heading - Teaching Proper Technique   (U10 & older) 
  8. Passing - Passing/Receiving with Pressure   (U12 & older)
  9. Passing/Controlling - Many Goals Game   (U10 & older)
  10. Controlling/Fun - 3-Team  3-Goal Game   (U10 & older)
  11. Passing/Controlling - 5 v 5 + 2 Scrimmage   (U8 & older)
  12. Dribbling & Defending Skills    (U8 & older)
  13. Finishing - World Cup
  14. FIFA Senior Level Training/Warm-up Procedures 

Useful Tools

  • Game Card Form - Click here to download this short Excel spread-sheet.  Just enter the names and uniform numbers of your team and it formats onto a  correctly-spaced game card.  Important - you must interset a blank CSYS game card in your printer as you print this spreadsheet - it is designed to fit into the lines on the card and requires the card to be readable!

Links -  other sites that have useful information