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Player Ratings System

Proper player evaluations are key to having balanced teams from year-to-year.  We depend on accurate input from the coaches to achieve this balance.  All coaches in all age groups are required to fill out a Player Ratings entry for every player on their team.  Some guidelines on proper ratings are provided below.

U10 and above coaches must complete and successfully submit their player ratings on-line by February 6 in order to receive their picture packets and tournament schedules on February 7.  U6/U8 teams must also complete their rating sheets by February 6 in order to receive picture packets on the 7th and 8th.

Ratings must be done via our on-line system.  This is updated to include your current roster as listed in our records.  Please review the Guidelines below before filling them out.   Click here to begin the process.


How to Use the On-Line System

Click here to be taken to the entry page.  You will need to enter the coach's last name, last four of their SS# along with team identification information.

On the initial display screen you must enter the player's uniform number in the first column on the left.  These will be between 2 and 20.

For each player you will need to enter ratings (1 to 5) in each box.

For each player you will need to enter the favored positions (positions they are best at) in the two boxes on the right. This is not used for U6 players.

At any time you may click on the gray 'Save for Later Update' box on the bottom.  This will save your ratings and allow you to return at a later date/time.

If you wish to print a hard-copy at any time, click on the gray 'Print This Page' box on the bottom.  This can be done at any time regardless of the amount of information you have filled in.

When you feel that your rating sheet is correct, use the gray 'Submit To League' box at the bottom of the form.  This will invoke our verification process.  If the ratings appear valid, they will be filed in our system.  You will also be given a hard-copy form to print.  If the ratings come back with an error, you will need to correct them.  Be sure to 'Save' your work if you decide to come back later.

If you feel the need to correct your ratings after submission, you may go back in.  Just pull up the ratings for your team again, make the corrections and 'Submit To League' again.  Changes must be made prior to February 1.

Only one coach, usually the Head Coach, should fill out the form. 



Remember to rate your players in comparison to other players in the same age-group as you have seen during games and practices.   Every age-group, whether U6 or U14, will have several 1's (superior), a few 5's (poor) and everything in between.

Remember that a '1' is the best rating, and '5' is poor. 

The average rating for almost all teams should be a '3'.  That means that you have a few 1's, several 2's, lots of 3's several 4's and a couple of 5's on the sheet.  If you average all of the numbers on the page, it should be around 2.5 for teams that won most of their games, around 3 for average teams, and around 3.5 for teams that lost most of their games.  

If we receive a sheet improperly filled out (such as all ratings 1 and 2 without any 3's 4's or 5's) or incomplete (without all 7 columns filled out), you will be asked to resubmit it.

Remember to fill in the players' best position using the codes provided, and their alternate position.  Positions and goal-keeper ratings are not needed for U6 teams.

These do take some time to complete properly.  The head coach and assistant should sit down together for a while and put some thought into the process.

These ratings sheets determine the balance of next year's teams.  If you want balanced teams next season, be sure to be accurate and fair on these sheets. 

Thanks for taking the time to do it right!